Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My story of renewing the driving licence which has expired more than 1 year

Me: I would like to renew my driving licence (Old licence given to the personnel)

Personnel: NO! You only can renew the licence with bring along the duplicate licence (Means the previous one), as your licence here is stated Jan'2010

Me: Erh ... This is the latest one (Embarrassing)

Personnel: Oh ... (She stunned & speechless, and was guessing she said"Masyaallah Budak Ni" from the bottom of her heart ? )

Thanks god that i didn't meet our good friends (Traffic Police) on last year, and it doesn't fine me a single cent eventually.

The lesson told us please check on the driving licence whether is still valid or not.


Danny said...

no fine for 1 year late meh?
btw, what is KON in Chinese? ;p
( saja kepoh )

dUn_K said...

Danny, surprisingly it was no fine me at all ... insyaallah !
kon = 管

Danny said...

oic.. sounds HAKKA :)

Chris said...

好久没留言了, 还好吗?

dUn_K said...