Monday, August 16, 2010

Bangkok Never Die

Day – 1
Erawan Shrines (Pray)
MBK (MK roasted duck, Manicure & Shopping)
Siam Aquare (Shopping)
Suan Lom (Night Bazaar & Dinner)
Hotel (beer 1 beer, Chang or Sigha)

Day – 2
Grand Palace
Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha, Lunch)
Wat Arun (Public Boot, say no to 2000bth for an individual boat)
China Town (Dinner at T&K seafood, Bird Nest, Shark Fin, Souvenir)
Khaosarn (Night Market, Cocktail, Fried Noodle)

Day – 3
Chatuchak Market (Crazily Shopping)
Central World (Dinner)
Hotel (Shower & Rest)
Route 66 (Crazily get high)
Supper at outside of the Route 66

Day – 4
Pratunam Morning Market
Pratunam Fried Chicken & Skin
Plaza Platinum (Crazily shopping & lunch at Food Republic)
Siam Paragon (Luxury brand)
Siam Discovery (Luxury brand)
Plan A: Big C (If it is opened)
Plan A: Central World (If it is opened)
Plan B: Villa Market (In case Big C & Central World are closed for renovation)
Hotel (Shower & Rest)
Siam Paragon (McD Café)

Day – 5
Balik Kampung


Danny said...

always wanted to go Bkk again.. cos its really an interesting place

dUn_K said...

Danny, you know i was so dissapointed last time, we actually booked the flight ticket on this April, but we froce to cancel the trip as the riot was happened seriously in Bangkok ... but now, we plan to go again ~ we are obsesed ..

Danny said...

thats y i never book ticket too early ( esp thru those fair ).. cos u wont know what will happened even within 2 months ;p
yes.. m so fascinated with bkk's stuff n lifestyle..:))

dUn_K said...

Danny, definitely indeed. Therefore, this time we booked the flight ticket 1 month before ~ Seriously i am thirt of holiday, i can't wait to go now !!! By the way, any places recomment ?

Chris said...

C ur schedule, i also feels like 1 2 go to BKK again..

dUn_K said...

Chris, why not ? feel free to join me ya ~