Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hong Kong mourns Manila hostage victims (R.I.P.)

All the hostagers are so pitiful because it seems like never and ever happen in their life, i couldn't imagine how i manage to handle or to face this kind of situation if i were the one of them. I am really want to cry when saw the last video which the interviewed with a survivor.

At the meantime, my heart was keep pumping fast and aching when saw the video. It is so awful and unbelieveble that the Philippine government and police were actually acted stupid in this tragedy.

Furthermore, yesterday night i was so angry when saw the Philippine's prime minister Aquino apologized to Hong Kong China. It was so irritated because he looks like doesn't care the tragedy at all, and most ridiculous is he was showed his innocent smile during the press conference.

I am really enough for this fake apology, frankly speak i am going to boycott Philippine (Country & Government) untill they really do something which that could makes me feel comfortable and a sincere apology from the bottom of their heart.

To all the victims, i believe it was a very tough journey to them for recovering from the pain. Here, my deepest condolences to all the victims and their family.

Let us pray to the person who have been sacrificed in this tragedy.

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Danny said...

may them rest in peace..