Monday, April 15, 2013

Comparison & challenge

Human use to make comparison with every individual. Parents to compare whose baby can be the first stand up, walk & run. Also they wish, hope even want or insist their dependents smarter than other.

While we growing up, we compare too who is smarter, handsome & richer.

Practically or unpractically, the comparison makes people to be stronger than what they are now. It is all about to show everyone that "I am better". In other way, it reflects how weak or how no confident you are in certain area.

Naturally, we always fight down each single part no matter with real ability or whatever despicable to achieve the goal.

To ease people life and in order not to harm everyone, I always think why don't we kick down ourselves, to break our own records, to persuade that we can be better than what we are now.

We imperfect, we strong & weak in certain parts, that's why we can't challenge and to win everyone.

Lets try to challenge yourself, definitely the stronger feelings will be figured out.

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