Thursday, April 18, 2013

Everything will calms down

I know the day will comes soon. Yet, I truly feeling bad when he told me the trip will going with his friend. A guy he knows for years, with mixed signal, and most importantly who already came out.

He is nothing wrong to tell me the truth even admitted might be crushed over the trip due to only both of them.

I understood that I shouldn't behave this way since he clearly explained that WE ARE IMPOSSIBLE IN RELATIONSHIP. Yet I feeling bad that a guy I love is going not belong to me but with another one.

Everything will calms down, I foresee he is not interest on me anymore.

The feelings like a crystal you love the most and initiate to own it, but failed in certain way, it might be widely wise. But one day it is sold out when you go back and wish to look at it again.

I am selfish cause I wish he is belong to me. All these burble dreams might be gone in soon, very soon.

I wish that never know him not even his name. I rather to wait, to hope, to see him in the gym silently.

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