Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yourself, the most natural one

I feel so sad most of the time on how could the person I love the most upsets me all the time. I think the person is selfish. 

Look back, I also selfish on only looking forward myself to be only one to the person.

We supposed have no time to sink into sadness. We born to be finding the reason of being happy & make our lives to be more meaningful. 

I feel the relief at least there is a person I always thinking of. Sometime I feel also the happiness that I always express my real feelings to a person that I love. 

We should stop exploring or suspecting the person that you love is doing anything that might be right or wrong to you. 

Lets being yourself, the most natural one. Ain't that is whoever you are at the begin for the person you love been attracted.

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