Monday, May 06, 2013

It is far

The feelings with him are so interesting since from last 2 weeks. Yes, we behave beyond the border of friendship, yet physically needs instead of any mentally needs.

He mentioned several times only want me to be his friend. We physically get closer, but I think we are far and not even good as an ordinary friend.

I don't know should be happy or sad because something happened as expected.

We use to see each other every week, but we didn't meet on last week due to he was "busy" at work and need to "meet" some people instead of me.

He impatient with me anymore, and i don't feel he keens talk to me often even we still chatting everyday. Well, if "busy" is the best answer ever.

Today he is going a trip with family. I was thinking he at least to tell me what time depart or arrival, he didn't say anything while I greeted him have a fruitful trip with family.

Yesterday night he was telling me so tired and don't think can chat with me cause wanna go to bed. Yet, he online FB and don't even talk to me.

I trying my best to compromise all these. It is sensible for me to think all these as everything happened just too coincidence.

Please tell me "Duncan, I don't have interest on you anymore and I don't think we can go back to the previous." I think I will feel much more better after tears.

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