Friday, July 26, 2013

Round to the corner

It has been long time I don't feel the real happy that I had in past. 

With knowing a big wrong but I am insist to like him, to contribute all that I think is worth and more than what he could return. 

I cried many times for him which never happen in my past. It's not showing psychically how much I love him. Helpless & hopeless are the only things I mad for. 

It could be a process in between us. When I realized he could spend more time, money, effort with others. And yes, this is his room since we are just nothing, Zero. 

He keen for other guy in front of me. Well, he could be just wanted to catch my attention, or the worst is this is the truth, he is that kind of person who without or within my presumption. 

Somehow we don't even understand in different languages. What in further stage ? 

We are getting less to talk. We don't even meet frequently cause it has no point for two persons without interaction. In fact, I had thousand words to speak to him, but always failed in expression. Also, he never tell me anything, it could be I am not the one who worths to talk to. 

We will never getting together. That's could be only happen in my dream. 

Least sense, the end is round to the corner, yet I love him. 


Jay Lee said...

life is like that. Just have to move on.

Recently, I felt so betrayed by a close friend of mine. I was treated so badly by that person for so many times. Yet, every time, I find myself forgiving again and again. This time, there will a very clear line btwn us.

Duncan Kon said...

Love you

Duncan Kon said...

Oh no Jay, I was thinking you are one of my friends. Anyway, I hope you see this and overcome the encounter.

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