Sunday, April 21, 2013


One of my good friend that we know each other since from last year.

My way on defining "good friend" is the one who listens to you when you need a pair of ear. Always encourage and feel for you no matter happiness or sadness.

Fortunately I met this good friend. Indeed he is passionate, caring & considerate. However, I figured out he is actually meticulous.

We ain't perfect, definitely I got my problem to sort out too. The issue in dealing with him is I need to explain everything, every minor details, and so on.

For example, what you had for lunch ? What is the ingredient ? What is the nutrition value ? Why you had that ? Where you had that ? How much ? Who you had lunch with ? And so on ...

Well, indeed he is kind a caring person, sometime I just don't wanna answer all these unnecessary questions as those are not helping in communication.

Friend, is to compromise and the one you can totally pissed off with by today but still talking on tomorrow.

I hope everything is long run instead of hit & run.

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