Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last message to him

Here the last message to him ...

"Already told you I am a bullshit thinker.

I know you must be replied me after my last msg on yesterday night.

I was keep thinking what will you reply even though I switched off my phone and force myself not to check it.

You see, I can't take it at all. I don't really think can treat you as a friend. I think is time for you and me to calm down.

I don't actually like to chat over whatsapp, but I changed because of you. I don't actually go out on weekday night, but I willing go out with you. I think myself got biggest problem. Yes, nothing to do with you but me. I miss you everyday every second. You see how biggest problem is that.

So now you have nothing to worry about the Iceland trip, no need to text me everyday, no need purposely arrange your time to see me every week.

Thank you for being with me all this while. Appreciate everything you had brought to me. Indeed I had good time with you.

I am so sorry, I am selfish, I feel myself is truly tired on too focusing on you. Please allow me to escape from all these.

Take care & all the best."

I think the best way for me is to prevent him, otherwise I have no other method to stop my stupidness.

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